Happy Thanksgiving to our awesome partners.

Yanmar is thankful to have great customers like you. We are almost as excited about turkey and dressing as we are to announce the availability of all REMAN engines and components to all Yanmar Dealers. As you may know, Yanmar America launched the “first-in-the-world” Yanmar REMAN program last August. To test the program on a limited audience, initially only REMAN products for Yanmar-branded Equipment were offered directly to Dealers.

For the last 14 months REMAN has been developing programs with Distributors and OEMs and now the core procedures are polished and ready for larger consumption.

In response to customer feedback we are very happy to provide a REMAN Engine Price List with 33 popular engines specs available “immediately.” Please note that some of the specs are Repurposes and “immediately” means that all parts needed are typically in stock and that spec can be built and ready for shipment within 48 hours, but they are subject to availability.

Dealers have 20% Margins protected from SLP on all REMAN engines and components.

REMAN, as well as most Yanmar programs, are designed to encourage Dealers to work with their local Distributor for all Yanmar products. In addition to having components physically closer to you, the Yanmar America Industrial Engine Distributors are a truly a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We also have a continuously growing list of REMAN and New-Used Components, including Starters, Alternators, Generators, and Fuel Injection Pumps. New-Used Components are typically zero-hour take-offs and are heavily discounted from new. Components that have REMAN or New-Used options have pop-up notes attached to the original part numbers in YDS and use the same part number with either an “R” or an “NU” on the end (no dashes).

The absolute best way to contact REMAN is to email us, located at the top right of your screen.

770-877-6209 will directly ring the REMAN department.