There are nine different specs of REMAN ROTEL components on the shelf, ready to ship.

And by the end of 2014 over 30 REMAN specs will be available. REMAN ROTEL components have a 12 month warranty and are setup with an R added to the end of the original part number. In addition to REMAN ROTEL, 16 specs of New-Used (NU) ROTEL are now available, giving you an exciting new option for ordering components.

Most of the NU components are zero-hour takeoffs from engines processed right at Yanmar America’s headquarters in Adairsville, Georgia. Beyond bolt-marks from a single install, typically NU are identical to New. NU retains the same 6 month warranty as New and have been inspected, boxed, and setup with NU added to the end of the original part number. These NU components offer significant savings over a New component. Your local REMAN dealer can help you locate and order the NU component you need to get back to work even faster.